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"He is not impatient, nor is he even in a very great hurry, for he is an investor, not a gambler or a speculator."

J. Paul Getty


Adrian Day is considered a pioneer in the United States in promoting the benefits of global investing. An honors graduate of the London School of Economics, Adrian is widely recognized for his global investment commentaries and his published research. As Editor of Adrian Day’s Investment Analyst, he gained one of North America’s largest subscription audiences for his skill in identifying unusual and profitable investment opportunities around the world.

Today, Adrian publishes the exclusive Adrian Day’s Global Analyst from his offices in Annapolis, Maryland, where he also operates as a global money manager. Adrian Day’s Global Analyst is distributed to subscribers exclusively by e-mail.

Adrian has authored two books on the subject of global investing: International Investment Opportunities: How and Where to Invest Overseas Successfully and Investing Without Borders. His latest book, Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks has been widely praised. He is the founder and President of Adrian Day Asset Management, a global money management firm that has been serving private investors and small institutions successfully since 1991. Adrian’s affiliations, among others, include the International Tax Planning Association in London, the International Association for Financial Planning, and the Offshore Institute. 

Adrian takes a global approach, looking for value in all sectors and all corners of the world. His contacts in the world of investing cross many borders, and he puts his money where his ideas are, whether they’re in North America, South America, China, Korea or Japan. Adrian is a valued advisor and a sought-after speaker at financial conferences and seminars.  His specialties include natural resources. For a list of Adrian Day’s upcoming public appearances, please click here.

Adrian is justifiably famous for discovering many big investment winners, companies in which he invested--and urged his readers to invest--when they were unknown or out of favor...and, just as importantly, holding them patiently often for several years.

He was an early investor in Franco Nevada, arguably the greatest gold stock investment of the last several decades. Adrian's return? A stunning 11,557%!

He was attracted to Mexico after the peso devaluation in 1982, when the economy was flat on its face and hardly anyone wanted to invest in the country. He found Telefonos de Mexico, selling at an incredible 3 times earnings and at only one quarter of book value, and with a yield of 33%.  In the course of studying the company, he learned that John Templeton had taken a significant position, and Adrian urged his readers to follow Templeton's lead. Return? 9,033% before selling the stock after it had listed in New York and the country had recovered.

Adrian likes dividends--"earnings, book value, they can be distorted," he notes, "but dividends don't lie."  One of his current favorites is Gladstone Capital. One of the first recommendations in his Global Analyst advisory service, Gladstone has paid for itself in dividends received. Current yield? 10.9%!

And there are more, several more, some of which Adrian is still holding, or even recommending new purchases.  That's what Adrian likes best--finding a few really good companies and holding for a long period (over two decades in the case of Franco-Nevada; that's "buy-and-hold" investing!).

To find out Adrian's favorite current recommendations, become a subscriber today.

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